How Do You Use Fusing Tape On Fabric

Sewing two fabrics are not the only way to fuse them, it can also be done with the help of a fusing tape. This is a good option when you are not good at sewing the cloths, you can easily get the attached with these tapes. We will tell you everything about them in this article such as how do they work and what makes them better options than sewing.

How Does This Work?

They are available in different variety of sizes and weights, this is made of the material that melts when you run the iron over that. It works like a glue to attach two fabrics, sewing is not always transparent but this will give the clothes look perfectly invisible for you, there is no need for you to take these. You can use this tape in the following steps,

  • Placing the tape between the layers of the fabric.
  • Place iron over the tape and press it until the tape melts and joins the fabrics.
  • You need to keep one thing in mind during this process, do never place the tape on the tape directly. It will stick to the iron so at the no fabric end, you should use a parchment paper for this at the non-fabricated end.

These tapes work such as glue works on paper but the material is special that joins two fabrics when melted with iron. This is the better option to join two cloths than to join them by sewing the clothes.

Is it better than sewing?

This is easy then sewing and also looks invisible and better than the other option, you don't have to work hard. Just follow a simple process and get this done.

It is a super-fast and reliable option for you, there is no need to sew things because you have these amazing tapes now.

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